Very Important Reviews w/ Johnny Lechner and Matty Sims

Flawless reviews of your favorite movies and popular tv shows by Johnny Lechner and Matty Sims.

True Descriptions: “Popular on Netflix” Edition 

The Avengers (2012): Six superheroes fight for screen time as they destroy New York City.

Donnie Darko (2001): A plane falls on a boy who’s fascinated by rabbits.

House of Cards (US Version, 2014): A political psychopath lies and kills to become President.

House of Cards (UK Version, 1990): A political psychopath lies and kills to become Prime Minister.

Blackfish (2013): Former Sea World trainers feign ignorance to keep their jobs.

Memento (2000): A widower loses his memory and gets a bunch of tattoos without being blackout drunk.

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"Disorder on the Dance Floor" a music video by Adult Cinema

Here’s a video I shot and directed for Mr. Randy Michael of Adult Cinema. Shot in 2 hours and edited in two days. To say the least, we were flying. Featured on My Old Kentucky Blog.

"Neighbors in Paris" a short film by Matty Sims and Nigel Walsh

A parody of “N****s in Paris” by Jay-Z and Kanye. See it on Funny Or Die.  

Conquistadors of Corporate: Your Guide to Conquer the Office

So you conquered that college degree and it’s time to make the corporate world your bitch. You’ve scoured Craigslist and that online soup kitchen known as LinkedIn until you found the perfect “will look great on my resume in a year” office job.  Ok, not perfect, but your parents have dropped the ball on paying for your shit.  So you hop into that business casual and you’re off to the office to command and conquer. But how?

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